Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY: three step infinity scarf

Hi guys! I'm Kailie from The Breit Side. I mainly blog about the everyday joys of life with some talk on DIY, food, our little "love nest", and my amazing best friend who happens to be my husband.

Jessi is so kind to let me hang out with you on her blog! Today I thought it would be fun to share a little DIY scarf tutorial with you all. I love these scarves because they are light enough to wear year round, they dress up any plain shirt, and they are so easy and cost effective to make!

Easy Three Step Scarf

Supplies needed:
Lightweight fabric of your choice (about a half of a yard)
Needle and thread

Step 1- Fold your fabric in half, hot dog style. Cut two pieces, mine are about five inches wide
(They don't have to be cut perfect!)

Step 2- Un-fold (Haha) your two pieces, lay them on top of each other, right sides together. Pin both of the short ends together.

Step 3- Stitch the pinned edges together and voila! You have a super cute infinity scarf!

You could hem the edges if you are worried about them fraying, but I like to just let the ends do their own thing!
I wrap mine around three or four times. And sometimes I even knot the scarf instead of wrapping it. The possibilities are oh so endless with these bad boys.

Now go make one, or three!

Thanks for visiting with me today, I can't wait to see you over at our little place!

Monday, March 26, 2012

lunch at the park

Ben has been working on a job just down the street from our house. It's been nice having him come home for lunch almost every single day. In recent weeks we have had some beautiful weather here in Texas. Isaac and I have been riding my bike down to the park to watch the ducks and eat lunch. One day we met Ben on his lunch break.


Isaac wandered around the park while we sat on a bench and ate. It was funny to see him walk away, and away, and away, and then turn around and realize just how far her had gotten. Then he hurry himself back to us. We watched the ducks and admired the flowers (and Isaac picked a couple too). When lunch time was over, we headed home for a much needed nap.

And the day ended like this:


Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 booklist update

Here's my booklist for 2012.

book sale loot

Whoa I'm behind! I'll admit, I didn't arrange what to read when very well. I needed to start off the year with some motivating and exciting reads, but that didn't happen.

So here's the deal:

I'm going to switch it up a bit. I totally blew off my January books. I will definitely read The New Dare to Discipline, but it will have to wait a couple months. And my February books have been swapped with a couple others: Blue Like Jazz and Five. Both of which I am really enjoying!

Blue Like Jazz is really good. It's a super easy read (which is why I'm a little embarassed to admit that I haven't finished it yet) and the guy writes in a way that I just get it. The subtitle is "nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality." And that's exactly what it is! Basically he tells the story of how he grew up, came to know Christ and his experiences in college, with other Christians, with political movements, with the churches he attended and a few other things.

Blue Like Jazz

So far I've ear marked about 15 different pages. I have already used a quote in a blog post and I plan to write a couple of posts just on topics he addresses in the book. It's good. I highly recommend it (and I'm not even finished with it yet!)

Five is really good. It's not really a book that you read, but it's a book that you interact with. It has good quotes and stories and then there are journal-like prompts. There is space to write down your dreams and goals. It challenges you to consider goals in very specific areas and then has you write down steps to get there.

My favorite part of the book so far has been where it tells you to write down your mission statement. First you are to consider your values and what is important to you. Then you use those to write your mission. It was really good for me to sit and think those things through. I really enjoyed writing out what I feel like God created me to do. I have a clearer picture of which direction to go in.

What are you reading right now??

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

from the heart of Molly

Today's post comes from Molly. She is one of the first ladies I became "blog friends" with a couple years ago. I love her sense of humor and her sense of style (I'm thinking a Chicago version of Leaving the House in That?! is in order :)

I hope you enjoy her wisdom today as much as I always do. There are quite a few things I can learn from her in this post alone!


In 2006 my life took a u-turn. In January I accepted the proposal of a man that I loved and respected. Although marriage was never an appealing idea to me, marriage to him was a different story. In the midst of our wedding planning we learned that we would be moving to Chattanooga. If you're anything like I was, you might not know in what state Chattanooga lies. {It's Tennessee for those keeping score.} I didn't know anything about the place, but I figured I'd learn. How different could it really be? When we discovered we would be moving the day we got back from our honeymoon, I wasn't fazed. Always up for adventure, I looked at the move as a gift that I happily accepted.

Until we got there.

From the start, things were difficult.

Newly married and newly relocated, it was a confusing time. We were excited to be together. We were excited to start a new life. But very quickly I decided that our life story should NOT be set in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I spent years (seriously, yeeeeeears) wishing we could just move back to our hometown. I just knew that if we lived there we could be blissfully happy. Thankfully, God patiently and lovingly convinced me that He was in control. He showed me that Chattanooga wasn't a mistake. He showed me that my circumstances were not what were to blame for my discontent. He bound my husband and I together and opened our eyes to the good Chattanooga had to offer us. Unfortunately because of our stubbornness the process took a long time. It was slow and sometimes painful. Eventually though it became clear, that although Chattanooga would not be our forever home, it was our for now home. So we settled in, made friends, made a life and waited patiently (and not so patiently many days) for whatever it was He had next. You see, it was never a question that He had something else for us. That much was clear. But neither of us could ever get a hint or a picture of what that next would look like. Through tears and growing pains and occasional moments of blissful peace, we held on to hope. We came to a place where we recognized our utter powerlessness and His incredible grace. One day at a time we trusted that He would care for us. And one day at a time He did.

"Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words." 

Romans 8:24-26

After five years in Chattanooga, my husband landed his dream job in one of my dream cities. The whole thing was no less than miraculous. We couldn't believe our good fortune. We celebrated and dreamed and prayed mad prayers of thanks. But then came the transition process. Of course it was filled with excitement, but it was also filled with stress. There were so many unanswered questions. There was so much to figure out. But through every moment of the transition, we were reminded of the same thing, "Trust God and take it one day at a time." Our day to day existence seemed to be a battle to hold on to that one single lesson. Constantly I was encouraged to, "Stay present." From the day he was officially offered the position until the day we packed the moving truck we had to live just one day, just one moment at a time. Every time there was temptation to jump ahead or make decisions about what was next, we were sloooooooowed down by circumstance. It was uncanny. Whenever we would try to take control and forge ahead, we were gently led to our knees to pray, to trust and to stay in the moment. As annoying and frustrating as that was for a control freak like me, through the process I felt rough edges being sanded away. I actually felt character development. I experienced a deeper, more profound trust in God. It was clear that He was in control of every step of this process. And frankly, there were times when I'm convinced He was just showing off. I mean, He's good and through this we saw it. I'm so thankful that this experience is something on which we can look back for the rest of our lives. When things get tough, and they will, this experience will be a beacon to remind us that God is good.

But, before you think I've got that whole, "Trust God and take it one day at a time" lesson down pat, let me come clean. Old habits die hard. Yes, God has proven Himself faithful. Yes, He has taken care of every little detail of our move. Yes, He's done it far better than I ever could have done (and far differently, I might add). Yes, I recognize and praise Him for that. But do you think that stops me from trying to grab the reigns and tell Him what's next in other areas of my life? I promise that it doesn't. Thankfully, He remains steadfast and long suffering. When I have moments in which I forget, He gives me gentle reminders to just trust. He reminds me of the miracles He's worked in my life. He shows me His strength and grace. And my inner control freak is quieted for the moment and I'm free to rest in His arms.

To follow along with what He has next for us and watch me go from Chicago newbie to native, stop by my blog A Foreign Land.

Friday, March 16, 2012

let me introduce Mrs. S

First and foremost I want to thank Jessi for this wonderful opportunity and allowing me to share a few things with her lovely readers. I'm Mrs.S blogging over at Everything Girly & Beyond.

In my blog you will find a wide range of things ranging from make-up, shoes, clothes, DIY project and last but not least my relationship with God. Over the past year I found my heart holding a strong desire to get closer to God. I've always been a Christian, but never carried a personal relationship with Him.

Over the past year my life has changed tremendously. Starting with learning to rely on my husband, trusting God, casting all my burdens and worries upon Him while watching Him carry it for me. God has taught me there is nothing I can't do in this lifetime, as long as I'm doing it with Him.

I've been given a new heart and a new attitude as a wife. I've learned to love my husband, submit to Him, respect and honor him to no end. Prior to this change I was a worry freak, constantly stressing about money, living, jobs etc. Once I placed my life in the hands of the Lord he has taken care of us right before our very own eyes.

I'm also a very friendly, open hearted person and always willing to listen to anyone needing someone to talk to, or simply needing to be prayed for. We are all siblings in Christ. God bless you all and I pray you take the time to seek Him=)

Once again, thank you Jessi. May God continue to bless you & your family.


Monday, March 12, 2012

hair tutorial: ponytail poof

Hiya ladies!

It's Annelise from Bye Bye Beehive.

Today I'm here to show you how to poof a ponytail WITHOUT hairspray OR teasing.

See, I'm on a 365-day journey where I am not allowed to

tease, hairspray, dye, blowdry, or use any heat tools or products AT ALL.

So I have to come up with some alternatives.

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial!


I recently had an email asking how to make big hair

without all the teasing and hairspray.

Now, I haven't figured out a way to do this with my hair down,

but with it up? It's a cinch!

  1. Begin with wavy or curly hair (dirty hair with a bit of texture works best!) Put your hair into a high ponytail.

  2. Add an alligator clip horizontally that goes through your hair under your ponytail and also partly through your pony. It should make the hair bounce up immediately.

  3. Make sure your hair in your ponytail is spread out throughout the top of the alligator clip

  4. Mess up your ponytail for added oomph.

  5. Voila— a big, messy ponytail.

If you really want you can add some hairspray, but I didn't find it necessary.

Sure, it fell a bit throughout the evening,

but that's OK because dudes don't tend to prefer it that big anyway.
Trust me, if you're doing big hair, guys probably are not a fan.
Keep it simple! ♥

Thursday, March 8, 2012

fort worth stockyards

One cold Sunday after church, a few weeks ago, we finally made our way over to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. It's been on our list of things to do for about a year now. And why we chose a chilly, cloudy morning to do it? I have no idea.


Afterwards we headed over to BJ's (our favorite restaurant) for lunch. Someone was a bit tuckered out from the morning's excitement and took a quick car snooze.

We're planning to go back over when the weather warms up so we can walk around and explore some more. It's seems like a pretty cool area and Isaac certainly enjoyed seeing the cattle and the horses.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

project life: week 7

You can see previous weeks of project life here.

The layout this week was very similar to what I've used in the past. I am trying to use other paper that I have lying around and scraps from things I've collected throughout the week. Here I used a comment card from Cheesecake Factory, paper from a Valentine's Day bag, and a couple handouts from church.
We don't ever do anything for Valentine's Day. Several years in the floral industry gave me a bad taste about it and we made a deal a long time ago that it's just nothing something we want to participate in. This year, I did give Isaac a cute little Valentine's bag with some candy and a Veggie Tale's video from his grandpa and grandma. I originally had something planned for dinner. I can't remember what I was going to make, but it didn't work out. So we ended up at our favorite mexican restaurant. 9 Valentine's Days together and this was the first time we have ever gone out to dinner.
On Monday night we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Ben got a bonus from work so we decided to splurge a little bit on dinner. The waitress brought us bread and she also brought out Isaac his own little plate with bread and bananas. He was in heaven!
On Sunday night it snowed!! There had been a chance of sleet in the forecast and I told Ben I really hoped it would snow. He said it was very unlikely. About 8 o clock I went outside to take some trash out and saw the white flakes falling! We ran outside with a video camera and just enjoyed it. Of course, it didn't last very long. But we were like kids. (fyi- we live in D/FW, Texas where it doesn't snow very often)
For the past 3 weeks we've been "church shopping." One of the churches we checked out just started a series through 1 Corinthians. I really like the design of the infor cards so I held on to one to stick in my album. It just happened to be the right dimensions!

Monday, March 5, 2012

a life of obedience

If you don't know Heather, you can visit her wonderful blog, Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. She has been an awesome blog friend over the past several months. We kind of just found each other; both of us had recently moved away from San Diego and we were missing home! We had that in common and started emailing back and forth from there.

I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom today!

"The stove is HOT. Don't touch it."

"Look both ways before you cross the street."
"Make a full stop at a stop sign. Don't run red lights."

I'm sure we can all remember being reminded of certain rules and forms of direction when we were younger. Even as adults, we have rules.

Whether we like them or not-- deep down we all know that rules are good for us. They shape us. Guide us. Protect us.
I will be honest with you. I have a rebellious streak. For example, I'm often tempted to randomly go and toilet paper someones house just for good times. Fortunately, my husband is very mature and responsible and usually talks me out of it :) When I was really little, I had a stealing problem. No joke, I loved to steal gum from grocery stores. My parents would take me back to the store manager and make me apologize. More often than enough, rules drive me nuts!! Why? Because I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.


The other day, I looked up from my laptop at Starbucks to see a young woman at the cash register. She was buying her two, adorable little boys hot cocoa. After the drinks were made and the barista called out her name, she grabbed the cups and sat her children down at a nearby table. She repeatedly told them, "Don't drink your hot cocoa yet. Wait until I tell you that it's ready." When she got up to grab some napkins, the oldest one decided he thought his drink was ready. He took a sip. And he immediately started crying. His mother rushed over as tears were streaming from his eyes. As she gently coaxed him, she reminded him that this was exactly why she pleaded with him not to take a drink until she told him to.

He was hurt.
He knew better.
Things could have gone differently.
The outcome would have been far less painful.

Obeying God is, in many ways, very similar.

Through His Word, he's given us rules, guidelines, and examples to follow that help us keep our tongues from burning.

An always loving Father, He's given them to us to protect us, keep us from harm, to give us a better life; to help shape us, guide us and veer us down the right paths.

It's our manual.

It's up to us to obey it.

It's difficult to obey God sometimes.

It's far too often much easier to disobey. To go our own way. To do what we want to do.
What are the consequences of disobedience? They can be physical pain. Other times it can be deep, emotional pain. Disobeying God can bring constant drama. It can cause marriages to crumble. It can cause friendships to be destroyed. It can casue a hard heart against God. It can cause us to feel distant from Him.

Like I mentioned before, obeying God is 100% up to us.

We can not blame others for the
of our disobedience.

I know from personal experience that my life is much more at peace if I center my life around obeying and meditating on God's Word. I've had to stop blaming others for
what happens to me and take control of my actions. Obeying God has veered me
onto a safer, better path. If I don't follow God's rules, I might not see it immediately, but over time-- destruction inevitably follows. Consequences.
What are some of the blessings that come in obeying God?


"When a
believer is in the place of obedience, no matter how severe the storm, he is as
safe as if he were at home in his own bed, because the place of security is not
the place of proper circumstances or of desirable circumstances. The place of
security and safety, for the believer, is the place of obedience to the Lord.
They were safe in the midst of a storm in obedience."

-- John MacArthur
the Son of God-Part II"

Real peace. Genuine joy.
Have you been struggling with being obedient to God in a certain area of your life?

Obeying God is a lifelong process.

We won't be perfected overnight.

This is only something that God can help us grow in .

If we love Him, let's keep His commands.

May I encourage you that God delights in a humble heart that desires to follow and live obediently after Him.

If you haven't been obedient to God in a specific area of your life lately, it's never too late to ask God for forgiveness and for a do-over. He loves you and, like a little child that burned his tongue, desires to dry your tears.

Ask God to give you strength to conquer that faltering area of your life and give it over to Him.
He can make you new. He can set your path straight.

It doesn't mean you won't falter sometimes, but He can help you live out a life of obedience.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Beginning today I will be taking a blog sabbatical. I have felt for a couple months now like the Lord has been calling me to fast from blogging to spend more time with Him and to be more intentional with the things in my life. I need to take some time to get better at balancing all the areas of my life.

I was also really encouraged by Chelsea.

And while I'm away I'll also be working on a big project that I'm planning to launch Apri1 1st.

Source: etsy.com via Jessi on Pinterest

God is doing some things in me right now. He is changing my heart. He is showing me that I need to set goals and set them for far out and write them down and work toward them. And He is calling me to trust Him with those goals and dreams.

I want to fulfill His purpose in me and for my life.
I want to create because I know He has created me to create.
I want to be the wife He has called me to be.
I want to be the mother He has called me to be.
I want to be more intentional about the relationships in my life.
I want to build new relationships.
I want to seek Him in every aspect of my life, and find Him

So in the mean time, this space will not go silent. I have several posts scheduled and a few of my favorite blog friends and sponsors will be posting as well.

Have a lovely March. See you all in April!!