Friday, February 10, 2012

my first quilt: a baby gift


When my friend Crystal told me she was pregnant, I knew immediately I wanted to do something special for the baby. I had been wanting to try quilting for a while now (mostly after watching my mom for years, who is an amazing quilter). As soon as she told me she was having a girl, I started looking for fabrics. She was very specific, "no girly pinks".

I found the bird print at Joann's and thought it was perfect. The print was so cute and the colors were beautiful. From there, I just picked 8 matching fabrics.

I used the pattern for a "Sudoku Quilt". Basically, each square is made up of 9 prints which are all numbered 1-9. No print is in the same spot in another square. So basically, it's just like Sudoku, except it told me where to put everything instead of having to guess! (I'm terrible at Sudoku by the way).


After I finished cutting all the fabric, I started sewing each square. Here is what the first one looked like:


Once all nine were complete, I sewed the together with white sashing in between:


Next came the tedious part. Although at this point I thought all of it was challenging. But so worth it!! (By the way, how did I not realize how much math is involved in quilting??)

I chose to machine quilt each indiviual square, rather than pay to have it done or do it by hand. That meant sewing around all 81 squares individually. Once I got my rhythm though, it went fairly quickly. I just put pandora on and got in the zone:


Then came the binding. I used this tutorial (which is super simple to understand) to get that done because I was totally clueless!


Once the binding was sewn into place, I hand stitched it to the back. And, tada!
You have the final product!:


I chose this quilt for a baby quilt because we have one just like it that my mom made for my husband a while back. When Isaac was born, I would use it as a floor quilt and it was the perfect size for him, especially before he became mobile.

My verdict: quilting is time consuming and can be a bit tedious, but it's so worth it to see the final result!

My next quilt will be a queen sized one for our bed, inspired by this shower curtain. I sketched out my own measurements for this one. Yikes! I have most of it cut, mostly from old sheets and curtains I had lying around, but I need to get motivated to get going on it! I'll keep you posted.


  1. you are so talented!! I cant seem to even sew a straight stitch when my machine urghhhh

  2. you did an amazing job hun!!!! :) i can't even sew on a button!

  3. so... could i pay you to do a quilt for me????