Friday, February 17, 2012

Maddie's thrift tip: try!

Hey Party People -

Maddie here... from Thriftary!

I am so excited to be here today, at the ever lovely, Jessi's blog. A true honor.
When Jessi first asked me to chime in on her ongoing conversation of tips on how to be super thrifty, I drew a blank. Uuuuuuuuuuuhh... Put into words what I blog about every day? It sounds simple. Almost too simple.. But proved to be really difficult.

So, I thought back onto some of my favorite thrifty projects, and I came to realize that the ones that REALLY stand out in my mind are the one's that I honestly didn't know what the outcome was going to be when I started. I couldn't perfectly envision the process. I couldn't define what the end result would be. But along the way, I picked up some ideas, and then I found a need, so I tried to merge them together and VOILA! Thriftary!

So... What is my tip.... you may ask??

It's the most important tip! You will never know what your thrifty capabilities are, unless you try them out.

Here's a good example...

A while back my husband (I call him "Burley") gave me an ultimatum. He told me that "all of the magazines have to be off our coffee table or I'm throwing them out!"
It sounds so much more stern when I type it out... But you get the picture.
Let's be honest... It needed to be done... He was right.

So, I had some resources in the house:
  • Sewing machine I had barely used...

  • Some off-white fabric left over from my wedding... 

  • Some burlap that I had purchased on sale with no purpose at all...

  • Some VERY basic knowledge on how to sew squares and turn them inside out to make them look clean...

And that was about it!

Oh yea... and a spice rack from IKEA that I had no where to hang... So I used the hardware from that.

And I just.... Tried!!!

I started sewing squares together and flipping them inside out to make them look clean... Just like Mom had taught me.

Then I sewed one LONG rectangle and flipped THAT inside out to make it look clean.... Easy enough.

So I started to pin it all together, and see if all those squares and rectangles could fit together....

And they did!!!! So very exciting.
Then I stuck it on the extra hardware that was laying around, in non-use.... And it all came together!

No real plan.
No end vision.
Just the simple act of trying...
And I got to add this gorgeous, thrifty keepsake to my wall AND keep my magazines. Win! Win! Win!

You can check out the real tutorial HERE.

Well folks... Thanks for reading today. I hope that you are instantly inspired to go try your true thrifty capabilities on for size... and Suprise yourself!

And thanks again Jessi, for letting me crash your party!


  1. This is very cool! I'm always looking for easy ideas like this that help with storage and recycling my stuff!