Thursday, January 19, 2012

writing about writing

When I was in school, I loathed writing. My least favorite part of the semester was the last couple of weeks because I always waited until the absolute last minute to write my papers.


But now that I've been out of school for a while I've discovered that I actually love to write. Especially when I can write about what I want and not what's assigned to me.

And when I write,

I want what I write to mean something.
I want it to inspire.
I want it to document.
I want it to entertain.
I want it to encourage questions.
I want it to incite action.
I want it to spark conversation.
I want it to mean something.

But I want to write more often. I've been trying to be better about journaling in my personal life. I can't tell you how awesome it has been to look back and read what my family was going through at a particular time, what we were praying about and asking God for and now being able to see on the other side of the situation exactly how God answered those prayers. I want to keep doing that. I want my kids to be able to read over those things and see what I have seen.

I take thousands of pictures. But do I add context to those photos with writing?

Writing is so important. Documentation is so vital. God is constantly telling the Israelites in the Old Testament to "remember, remember, remember". Isn't it terrible how quickly we actually forget?


I've come to realize that I need to write things down: simple things like to do lists or project ideas. And if I need to write those things down, how much more do I need to write down the big things?? The important things like Isaac's milestones or what I'm praying about.

How good have you been about documenting your family's life?: the day to day, the prayer requests, the milestones, the big events, the small happenings.



  1. Love this!! I despised writing until college, when I finally had the right professors that showed me the beauty of writing, and then I got my degree in it! Keep on writing, girl!


  2. We actually have a class that we developed for freshman at ASU called Writing about Writing - where they reflect on their own writing and how they were taught to write and what their assumptions are about writing and so on...

  3. I love this....I wish I took more time to journal and really write down my thoughts (aside from blogging)...I would love to look back and see how I processed and worked through the things in my life.

  4. I so so agree! Writing is so theraputic and such a great way to document all your blessings!

  5. I love love that picture of your sweet baby boy! And I was like you...I HATED writing in school but it is so much different when you are writing for yourself! and writing in hopes of influencing and encouraging others!

  6. I whole-heartefly agree. Whether its righting in a journal, venting to a blog, or any other means, it is such a stress-reliever. Your baby is beautiful!

    xo Shane

  7. i really should do better. my blog has become my way of journaling about our life.

    thanks for the inspiration.


  8. i loveeeeeeee writing! Good job! Thanks for sharing!