Wednesday, January 11, 2012

photo a day: week one

As part of project life, and to keep me documenting, I'll taking 366 photos this year. That's a photo a day (plus hundreds more on Isaac's birthday and plenty of other occasions). One of my desires for the year is to document everything.

Here are the photos from week one:

2012-01-01_23-11-59_997Picture 502012-01-03_17-38-30_1662012-01-03_12-24-07_398IMG_1574IMG_1614IMG_1615DSCN23362012-01-06_21-39-22_3722012-01-07_12-47-47_570DSCN2345

new years day, in bed using my new kindle fire // morning snacks at the computer desk // english muffin on the couch // bath time! // trip to Target // quilting // playing on "his" computer // play time! // Ben bottling his brew // painting // teepee!

*there are more than 7 photos here.. obviously. I took more than one photo a day and had to share all of my favorites.


  1. ooooh you have such a cute baby!!


  2. Oh my gosh, I love that you are doing this! It's cool to see several photos from all in one day!!

  3. Yay for photo challenges! :) That picture of you in bed with your kindle...totally me with my laptop every night! Hence why I am an insomniac! Love your pics!