Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Isaac never took a bottle: our experience with cry it out

Our son, a combination of this stubborn lady and her stubborn husband, never took a bottle. In the beginning he would drink a little here and a little there, probably just testing it out, but he never fully decided to like it. We tried all kinds of bottles, all kinds of tactics. We tried one week and then waited and tried again. We tried day after day after day. Nothing worked.

He preferred the boob to the bottle. But who can blame him, right?

And so things were a little bit tough. And particularly since I started off his life with a baby-led philosophy. When he was hungry, he ate. When he was tired, he slept (which wasn't very often). When he was hungry, he ate. You get the idea.


So I always had to be there.

And don't get me wrong. I love breastfeeding. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I'm actually denying to myself that the little guy is turning one this month and we'll be weaning.

But then, we decided to sleep train Isaac. It was this post that convinced me to do it. Oh, how sleep training saved me! You see, when you sleep train, you also feed train. Baby is put on a strict schedule: sleep, eat, wake (as opposed to the usual eat, sleep, wake cycle). Now Isaac always slept and ate at the same time every day.


In the beginning it was hard. But things get better, fast. He was napping for longer and was in such a better mood because of it! He quickly started sleeping longer stretches at night and with just one cry it out session in the middle of the night, he's been sleeping through the night since he was 5 months. And now he can fall asleep on his own. He doesn't need me or a bottle and he gets good, solid sleep.

He would eat first thing in the morning. Then after his first nap. Then after his second nap. Then after his third nap. And then he'd wake up twice at night to eat. (This is obviously no longer the case).

The beauty of it: I can feed him in the morning when he gets up and then go back to sleep (while Ben hangs out with him) until he wakes up from his first nap!! This is the typical Saturday morning for us.

Or: I feed him after his afternoon nap and can go to Bible study or leave him with a sitter and he doesn't need milk or a bottle to go to bed!

My point is this: there is a lot of bickering that goes on between those of us who use cry it out and those of us who are attachment parenters. We need to stop. My husband and I chose cry it out and it works amazingly for us. In fact, I think the most common comment I hear from people (other than "he's so cute") is "He is so happy!"

Christmas 2011 012

We read On Becoming Babywise and decided to implement it. I had no idea how great it would be. If you were to ask me, I would recommend cry it out and sleep training.

As parents, the choices my husband and I make are the ones we feel are the best for our child. I wouldn't do something that I thought to be harmful for him. I love him too much.

And I believe the same thing for you as a parent. I know you make the choices you do because you feel that it's best for your child.

So no more judging, deal?


  1. We did the cry it out ... Worked for 2 of our kids and not the other littlest stuborn one... Ya know i never understood what was so horribly wrong with this method... My sister in law thought it was torture to do it... And she was very opinionated on the subject as well. Yay! ...lol it is nice to have kids on a scheule. I always thought it was important for them.. And for us as mom's too. We need to know that we will have that time when they nap ir go down to bed. Glad it worked for your family. Try not to listen to the people giving you a hard time... You are doing whats right for your family.

  2. He's so happy, he's so cute and he so loves to eat! Can't wait to hug and hold him in a couple of weeks!! Give him a big kiss from grandma!!!!!! xoxox

  3. You are the best Mom :) I love reading all your posts about Motherhood!

  4. I love everything I've heard about Babywise. It will probably be a go-to when I have my first child. I don't know why everyone hates on CIO. Most of my friends, like you, say it only takes one or two nights to get the baby sleeping the whole night through.

  5. i saved this post sooo long ago to come back to read when i got closer to my due date... funny thing is that i didn't even know that you referenced "babywise." we have chosen to try out babywise and are really excited about it!