Monday, January 9, 2012

day at the lake

The weather here in Texas has been beautiful the past week. It was just a few weeks ago that I was complaining because it went from super hot to super cold without any Fall weather in between. I guess it comes now?

One of my goals this year is to get out of the house more often. To go outside more. To explore. One of my 26@26 goals is to enjoy my city as a tourist.

We ended 2011 doing just that. And I can't wait to do more of it.

It was a perfect day. We wore t-shirts and tank tops to the lake. I think it was a beautiful 67 degrees. We packed a cooler with homemade pasta salad, fruit salad, sandwiches and iced tea. We spread a blanket out on the grass. We took the kayak out and did some fishing from the shore. Thank you Ben for the idea.
It was perfect.


And that was New Year's Eve.

ps- my DSLR is busted right now, so please bear with the quality of my Nikon point and shoot camera. You can imagine my frustration.


  1. Looked like a fun day out. Your little one is adorable!

  2. BUSTED!? Oh no! What happened to your camera?!

  3. I love kayaking! So much fun! And love Texas weather!

  4. I live in Texas as well! The weather has been just lovely the past week. Of course it's cold and rainy today over here in San Antonio. I miss the sun already!

    Anyway lovely photos for a point and shoot! Hope you get your DSLR fixed soon :)

  5. Rub it in that y'all have amazing weather, why don't ya!? ;) it looks like y'all had a blast...So i'll try to put my jealousy aside!

  6. What a fun day!! :) Texas lakes look pretty :)