Monday, January 2, 2012

Big 2012 Goals (and a review of last year's)

posts all week will be about 2012 and new goals for the year. I'm a little bit excited.

Happy New Year! I'm so glad to usher in 2012. I can't wait to see what is in store for us this year.

Each year I set a few Big Goals. I know a list of a bunch of small goals will never get accomplished but if I pick just a few areas to focus on, I'll be much more successful. I actually accomplished all of my 2011 goals:

*notes were added throughout the year as I made progress on each goal

*I had a baby in January and my first goal was to lose all of my baby weight. Mission accomplished! I actually was back to not only pre-baby weight, but pre-wedding weight by May! Breastfeeding works miracles.

*We moved to Texas in March. At the time I wrote this list, we weren' 100% set on Texas, but we were leaning toward it. If we did end up here, I wanted to get settled in as quickly as possible. Check!

*From early on in my pregnancy I knew I wanted to cloth diaper. But it was intimidating! No matter how much research I did or who I talked to, I was still a bit hesitant. But, I wanted to master it. I wanted to actually do it! And here we are, a year later and going strong. Turns out, it's not as scary as it seems.

*I can't say I fully accomplished #4, although I was pretty successful alot of the time. As my notes say, I had moments of total trust, but I also had moments, days and sometimes weeks of hesitation and skepticism. Turns out though, God always had everything under control.

This year I also set 4 goals:

*After watching this, this, this and this documentary and doing some reading, we've decided to significantly reduce the amount of animal products we eat and substantially increase our plant and whole food intake. More on that in later posts.

*One of the many reasons Ben got out of the Marines was because his schedule was so demanding and we had little time to get out and have fun! If he wasn't working ridiculously long hours because of training, he was home resting and getting ready for the next week of training. We want to go camping, go for bike rides, have picnics and find other fun activities to do (preferably free or cheap).

*I was inspired by Ali Edward's storyology class to be a better memory keeper. I am our family's historian and as far as I'm concerned right now, I'm doing a terrible job. It's definitely gotten harder having the little one around! But I want to have a routine in place so that I'm better about it as the weeks go by. One way I'm going to do that this year is by doing Project Life. I'm so excited!

*My fourth goal stemmed from the study I wrote about in this post. If there was one thing that God seared into my heart in 2011, it was that I am not the judge. I am not to judge. He has called me to love and mercy. I am to show those things to others. Love, not judgement.

So there you have it! 4 things I'm going to do in 2012.

Did you set any goals?


  1. Congratulations on the way you met the 2011 goals! Great work, lady.

    Looking forward to watching you progress in 2o12. These seem like super practical goals that will really benefit you and the boys. Can't wait to cheer you on!

  2. If you have room for a garden, or even just a few plants it will help you a lot with number one. We grow a ton of our own vegetables and have our chickens. Gosh, what fun. Food Inc. definitely steered us more in the right direction, though we were whole food junkies before. Really great 2012 goals!

  3. SO many blogs have goals on growing closer to God and I love it! It is so refreshing to see how many people rely on Him and love him. It inspires me, too, so thank you. Wonderful goals and a happy new year!
    Lovely Little Rants

  4. Love your 2012 goals! Judge less and love more. Just perfect Jessi! :) Love it!

  5. I absolutely adore Project Life!!! I am trying the picture a day for 2012. What's your plan with it?