Wednesday, December 28, 2011

guest post: ashley from luce

Today I'd like to introduce you to a lovely lady, Ashley. You may know her from luce. If you don't, please give her a visit and say "hi!"

I asked Ashley to guest post here because I really love her and her blog. She is such wonderful writer. And has such a huge heart!! So without further adieu, I give you Ashley:

Hey lovelies! My name is Ashley Marie Wilson, I’m a wife, an artist and the girl behind Luce.

My creative passions are photography, writing, mixed media art & printmaking, handmade designs, and style.

I walk through my days with my heart fixed on loving God and my soul is happiest when I'm able to share, give, and encourage in anyway that I can. If I can make at least one thing easier for someone, then my spirit dances around like nobody's watching.

I am firm believer in following your dreams, and stepping out on faith to grab hold of the life you know you were meant to live.

Your gift will make room for you in this world.

Every single person has a gift... a talent, a role, a purpose.
Prepared for us by God.


Nobody can take it away.

Nobody can steal it.

Nobody else can fill it.

But you.
Our beautiful, all-knowing God already qualified YOU to do it. He trusted you, even already knowing everything about you.

When I fully let that truth seep into my spirit, I realized why there is no need for:




feelings of inadequacy.

feelings of inferiority.



letting a lack of education or money stop you.
being intimidated by someone else’s success .
losing hope in your vision.
lack of confidence.

If we walk in any of those feelings it is out of fear.

Even if it looks like everyone is doing so much around not feel discouraged. There is a space just for you.

Whatever it is that you feel a fire and passion for doing.

Whatever it is that you naturally operate best doing.

Whatever it is that God keeps encouraging you to do.

Whatever it is that tugs on spirit that you can't ignore.
THAT is your gift.

Don't waste another day not developing it, nurturing it, and changing the world with it.

It can be art, business, charity, designing, teaching, fashion, encouraging, managing... whatever it is inside of you, it is yours, and you have the blessing and the responsibility to run with it boldly. I'm running as I write... ;)

It was nice meeting you, don’t be stranger, come over to the blog introduce yourself, browse through shop, or peek into my photography portfolio… would truly love connecting with you!


Thank you Ashley! That was so encouraging and definitely something I needed to hear!!

Please don't forget to hop over and say "hi" to Ashley!!

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