Wednesday, November 16, 2011

thrift tip: use a thrifted item to be thrifty

Until recently, this is what my freezer always looked like:


One way that I've tried to be more thrifty is by making freezer meals, buying bulk, buying meat in bulk, buying multiple items if they're on sale and freezing leftovers or food that won't get eaten right away.

The result: A freezer packed to the brim. Where am I supposed to put my ice cream??
After a couple months of this, my husband and I quickly started discussing the option of buying a deep freeze. We both had one growing up. They are awesome. But they are big, bulky and expensive. So we decided to put it on our list of future "big ticket item purchases" (yes, that is a real list that I keep).

Well, I think it was the next week, Isaac and I were at Goodwill searching for some pajamas for him when I saw what looked to be a minature deep freeze in the furniture section. We boogied right on over to it and to my surprise, that's just what it was! The perfect size. The perfect price.

I paid $35 plus I had a $5 off. The total was just $30.

Later that day, my husband went back to pick it up. We brought it home and plugged it in, outside underneath the carport. (That was the other question: we don't have a garage, so where does it go?)

isn't it so cute?

So here we have it...

thrift tip: use thrifted items to be thrifty

Now, I have plenty of freezer room. I even bought our Thanksgiving turkey weeks early because it was super on sale and I have a place to store it! I have so much more room now to freeze meals ahead of time, to freeze leftovers, to freeze extra herbs, juice, vegetables.


With the help of an awesome thrifted item: the deep freeze, I can now be even more thrifty. It's like exponential thriftiness!


  1. I totally need to do the same thing. This whole grocery shopping is so wearing on me.
    Great idea!

  2. Yay for thrifty freezers! :) Now you can always be prepared and at such a low price!! :)