Tuesday, November 1, 2011

november goals

Oh wow. I totally failed last month. See October's goal list here.

So about #1. Instead of taking our new kitty to the vet, we decided to give him to a friend. 2 cats in one house with a baby is just a bit much for me. No hard feelings Tex.

I didn't get an oil change because I actually don't need one for about 300 more miles! I surprised myself and didn't drive as much as expected. That one gets rolled over to November.

The quilt for our bed... still a pile of fabric. Yeah, about that. I haven't even finished the quilt that was on my September goal list! Epic fail.

Okay, I at least made progress on #6. I am about 2 chapters away from finishing The Holiness of God. But... I only read about 2 pages of To Kill a Mockingbird. Again, fail.

Instead of the fair, we took Isaac to the pumpkin patch, so that one I did cross off.

And the transfering of photos will commense this week. Apparently external hard drives aren't cheap? So we had to wait for a paycheck.

Hah. Now that the big long list of excuses is finished, I give you my...

November Goals:

1. Read "To Kill a Mockingbird" - Instead I finished reading Arguing with Idiots and started reading The Complete Book of Home Management
2. Cook my first real Thanksgiving dinner I didn't end up cooking because friends invited us over for dinner
3. Send 10 cards or letters - I only sent 4 :(
4. Take Christmas photos and order cards
5. Post a tour of our living room - FAIL
6. Apply for Marine Corps plates for both vehicles (exciting, I know :)
7. Get my hair did (conditioning treatment, cut, highlights)
8. Organize my recipes - Nope
9. Upgrade my phone - This needs to happen in Dec. My phone is like dinosaur ancient
10. Start running

Check back in December to see how well I did.

What are your goals for the month of November??


  1. I'm hoping to start the Couch to 5k this month so I can be in shape for the holidays instead of wishing the pounds away. ;]

  2. yes, you MUST read To Kill a Mockingbird. Did you read it in school? It is soooo much better from an adult perspective! Scout is hilarious!

  3. I remember reading that when i was in school but I really should try reading it again! :) It's so great to make goals and lists for ourselves...but its okay if we don't accomplish them all :)

  4. Bye, Tex!! :*0(

    Get to work on that quilt or you're gonna be cold this winter!!! ;0)

    Loooooved To Kill a Mockingbird. Great book, you'll enjoy it.