Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the easiest way to make really good iced tea

I'm a little bit (okay, maybe alot) addicted to iced tea. I love iced tea.

For years I've been making it with my trusty 'ole iced tea maker. And don't get me wrong, it works quite well and makes tea in a jiffy.

But, there is a better way!!

I want to make the most tea with the best flavor. And my mom does just that (I learned this from her. Thanks mom!).

So here's the secret recipe:

You'll need:

4 cups water
2 family sized tea bags (or 6-7 regular sized)
tea kettle (or any regular old pot will work)
ice (optional; needed if you want to drink immediately, if not just refrigerate)

Step one. Boil 4 cups of water in kettle (or pot).


Step two. Pour water over tea bags & allow to steep until tea has cooled some. Once they are cool enough, wring them out over the tea. This way you get all the flavor possible.


Step three. Fill a pitcher with ice (if desire to drink right away).

Step four. Poor tea over ice.


Step five. Add about 1 cup of cold water.

Step six. Stir and serve.


Simplest "how to" post ever? I know. But if you ever wondered if making iced tea at home could be easy, now you know!

Note- The longer the tea bags steep, the stronger the flavor. Oh, and I always make decaf because I drink it late into the night and want to be able to sleep.



  1. I am a new tea convert! I would love to try this! :)

  2. And no sugar? You are so good.
    Will definitely give it a try.