Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October goals

Last month I started making monthly goal lists. You can see how much I accomplished from my September list here. (Anything not crossed off, will be done so this month!)

So here they are. October's goals:

1. take Tex to the vet
2. visit a pumpkin patch with Isaac
3. get an oil change (I'm terrible about doing this on time!)
4. finish the quilt for our bed
5. make Isaac's halloween costume
6. read The Holiness of God and To Kill a Mockingbird
7. decorate for Halloween/Fall
8. take Isaac to the Texas State Fair
9. make this salad and these pancakes
10. transfer all of my photos to a new external hard drive (I need a bigger one)


  1. SOunds like a busy month, girly!! And I love that picture. Sooooooo pretty.

    I'm now headed to check your September list and cheer all your good progress :)

  2. love that you started doing monthly goals. i might have to copy you! :)