Monday, October 31, 2011

the colors of fall: orange

Orange... which was a little more difficult than I expected!


Tomorrow is green!

If you are following along and taking your own photos, let me know so I can check them out.

pumpkin patch #2: happy halloween

One of my October goals was to take Isaac to the Texas State Fair. Well, when I discovered how much it was going to cost just to park in get in, we changed our mind and decided to take him to a pumpkin patch here in Texas.

We had already been to one in California while we were out there a couple weeks ago, but who can get enough photos of babies with pumpkins? Not this mama!


Happy Halloween!

Have fun tonight with all the ghouls and ghosts and goblins!!

ps- the colors of fall starts today. So, I'll be back tonight with photos from the day. If you want to join, check out the color list. Today is orange!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

baby pirate

When I was growing up, my mom made every single one of my Halloween costumes. And they were always pretty awesome. I intend to carry on that tradition with my own kids. Exhibit A:

Halloween day, 1995

This year, for Isaac's first Halloween, he is going as a baby pirate. I had a few ideas in mind for him: Bam-bam, a dinosaur or some other type of animal. But I landed on pirate because it just seemed like so much fun!


His shirt I bought at Thrift Town for 69cents. It's 24 months (way too big) so I needed to alter it to fit but still make it look pirate-y. When I was in high school, I used to buy big t-shirts and alter them by cutting up the sides and whip stitching them back together. It was kind of a grunge look that I was going for (wow, was I embarassing in high school). Anyways.. I used that technique here:

Of course the shirt had to be striped.. and red and black seemed like the perfect pirate colors!


Next I layed a shirt over it that fits Isaac just right so I knew how small to make it:


Then I pinned up the sides and down the sleeves where I would need to cut:


Then I cut both sides and whipped stitched it back together using black thread.


bandana- Goodwill, shirt- Thrift Town, black shorts- Thrift Town, striped pants- Walmart pj's, boots- thrifted in San Diego

We'll be headed around the corner tomorrow night for trunk or treat at a local church. He'll probably just ride around in his umbrella stroller, collect a little bit of candy (for mom and dad of course) and get his picture taken.. alot.

from the heart of a california girl stuck in texas

It's no secret: I am a California girl.

more 002

I've spent 12 years of my life there (almost half of my life).

And now I'm stuck.. in the middle of Texas. Completely land-locked by miles of flat, nothing. I mean, how do you people live without mountains? It's unnatural!

Granted I spent almost as much of my life in Las Vegas, so I'm used to being land-locked, but we had mountains in Vegas. Beautiful ones, actually.

I knew I had it good in Cali. I knew one day I'd look back and think, "I really took [fill in the blank] for granted." Well, that day has arrived.

I miss fresh air: we had our windows open 50 weeks out of the year. Yes, 5-0!

The smell of the ocean. The marine layer in the mornings. The 70 degree days.

People knew how to drive! You were going slow if you drove 75. (Can you believe the freeway speed limit here is 60??)

Mexican food. News flash, Tex-mex is not Mexican. Nor is it even remotely as tastey.

Friends!! I miss my friends!

How does anyone live without Trader Joes??

The surfers who walked down my street in the mornings:

gggggg 008

Riding my beach cruiser in the appropriately named place.

Did you know that there are like no bugs in San Diego? (except for maybe the occasional, friendly house spider)

But, as the days pass here (and I pray daily that they pass quickly), I'm learning to like different aspects of this place. I doubt I'll ever fully enjoy Texas.
*The thunderstorms here are killer. They're even better than the ones in Vegas!

*The gas is cheaper.

*We have Aldi here (but it's still not Trader Joes, or Fresh and Easy!)

*Garage sales galore!!
Okay, so that's all I've got right now. And I'm always looking for more reasons to like it here. But let's face it: I'll always be a California girl. That one thing won't change.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

some friends

I would like to introduce you all to some of my lovely blog friends and swap sponsors. They are some pretty neat girlies. So please, check out their blogs and say "hello!"

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Hey ya’ll! I’m Caroline. I LOVE Jesus, am a full time student and work in the library. I am kinda strange, weird, and very awkward. But not awkward as in socially awkward, more like the fact that I can cause and do experience A LOT of awkward moments. ADDICTED TO COFFEE.

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Hai! I'm Alyse. I'm a college sophomore, I love Jesus, I have a book on Amazon, and I am completely random.

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I'm Susan and I blog at Ava Grace's Closet, a space inspired by my daughter and muse Ava Grace. I'm an avid fashionista and mama to 3 who is just trying to keep it all together. I share stories of our little family with a healthy dose of fashion inspiration and LOTS of pictures! Hope you'll stop by to visit.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

the colors of fall

Over the summer, Poppytalk hosted Summer Colours Week. Now that summer is over and Fall is finally here (we had the longest summer in Texas this year), I've been thinking about how much I love the colors of Fall (well, actually I love everything about Fall!)


So, here's the deal: I have assigned a color to each day of the week, beginning next Monday. I will be taking photos each day of the color assigned to that day. Each evening, I will post my photos here.

I would love to have you join in with me!

If enough of you are interested, I will make this a linky party (Who doesn't love a party?). Let me know in the comments if you'd like to join, because I'd love to have you!

Here is the list of colors for the week:

Oct 31. monday- orange
Nov 1. tuesday- green
Nov 2. wednesday- red
Nov 3. thursday- yellow
Nov 4. friday- brown
Nov 5. saturday- gold


PS- Let's use the hashtag #colorsoffall on Twitter and Facebook of any photos we post there.

Hope to see you all next week with your beautiful, colorful photographs!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my thoughts: a book review of Wild at Heart

Last year, while my husband was in Afghanistan, someone put a book in his hand.

And apparently it was good because he read the darn thing in about 3 days.

And he certainly couldn’t wait to tell me about it!

My husband has been a Christian for a long time, but there are few “Christian” books that he’ll actually give his time to. This one, however, captivated him from page one. I think it was the line, “My gender seems to need a little encouragement. It comes naturally, like our innate love of maps.” My husband, the navigation expert, the man going to school for cartography (map-making) was hooked.

What John Eldridge, author of Wild at Heart, was referring to is how men have an innate desire to explore, but most get caught up in the day to day. They are stuck in cubicles and the daily grind just trying to get by. But just as God created them from the dirt, they long to be out in the wilderness, exploring, discovering, wild.

jeep 050

Ben, my husband, asked me to read the book mostly because we now have a son. I would also recommend this book to any wife, daughter, or sister of a guy. So basically, anyone of you who is reading this right now.

Eldredge writes about the 3 main things that all men long for: A Battle to Fight, A Beauty to Rescue and An Adventure to live.

But he begins by describing how exactly men bear the image of God. After all, the Bible says that both men and women are made in the image of God. But how? I think chapter 2 is my favorite; particularly the description of Jesus:
He works with wood, commands the loyalty of dockworkers. He is the Lord of hosts, the captain of angel armies. And when Christ returns, he is at the head of a dreadful company, mounted on a white horse, with a double edged sword, his robe dipped in blood... No question about it- there is something fierce in the heart of God (pg. 31, emphasis mine).
How often are we given the image of Christ as a weak, feminine guy with beautiful flowing hair? That is not my Lord. My Lord is as Eldredge describes: masculine, fierce, wild, dangerous.

Exodus 15:3 says, "The LORD is a warrior, the LORD is his name."

And that is the image men were create to bear! On page 85, Eldredge reminds us, "A man is a dangerous thing. Women don't start wars." Right? And what kind of guys do we ladies tend to be attracted to? (I actually just watched a TV sitcom episode on this very issue today).

I know I'm not the only one who fell for "the bad boy". You know, one who was dangerous; he one who was "off limits". I just happened to marry that one.

But sometimes I fear I've tamed him a bit. And while of course he has responsibilities and can't be off hunting and fishing and fighting in combat everyday (which he would, given the choice), I don't want him to suppress his God-given desire to be wild and adventurous. I want to encourage it!

ben with fish

So, needless to say, read the book. I could go on and on. I left out so much. This book is so encouraging for men to live the life they were created to live. For wives to understand their men and encourage their wild side. And for mothers to acknowledge that there is an innate desire in your little boy's heart to explore, so let them!!

If you've read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you decide to read it, come back and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend :)

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pumpkin patch: this year and last

Last year we visited the Pelzer Farms pumpkin patch in Temecula, CA.


I was 27 weeks pregnancy with Isaac.

two pumpkinsIMG_5428IMG_5396IMG_5392

This year we went back.


Isaac is now 8 months old.

_MG_0080146174911_2387163914764_1120770338_32771042_451133042_o (2)_MG_0056138150158170

What a difference a year makes, right?

I hope you're enjoying Fall as much as we are! (My husband even carved a pumpkin early).