Wednesday, August 3, 2011


what we wore will return next week
In the mean time, we're preparing for a visit from grandma and grandpa! (my parents). They'll be here tomorrow.

And rumor has it my little boy crawled last night for the first time! Of course, I was at Bible Study. Unfortunately he crawled toward the cat, grabbed his back foot and got his first "war wound" as my husband calls it. Two good scratches on his face.

He handled it so well. My little guy is such a trooper.

Side note: anyone looking to give an orange tabby a new home? (joking, of course.. well, kind of :)


Today we're cleaning and listening to this. I hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. Ouchie!!! Still sooo cute :)

  2. I TOLD you he looked masculine for a baby! Way to step it up a notch!
    Just kidding though... Poor wee babe. I am glad he seems okay.

  3. Aw, that darn CAT!!!! Thankfully it will heal. He crawled! Gooooooooo Isaiah!

  4. sweetness!
    love your blog!
    (and your t-shirt!)