Monday, August 15, 2011

thrift tip: used camping gear

We all know that camping stuff gets worn out and dirty. So why buy brand new stuff if you can just get it used? It's so much cheaper (and most of the time, dirt cheap)!! So, save some money and consider...

thrift tip: thrift and garage sale for camping gear.

[vintage book, thrifted, $1]

I learned this tip from my mom years and years ago. Lately I've been stocking up for when the weather cools down and we can take Isaac camping. Here are some of my latest finds:

[plastic bowls: 50cents for 3]

[pan: 25cents, collander: 25cents, 2 peelers: 50cents, spatula: 50cents]

[glass s&p shakers with lids: $1 for both]

[plastic egg carton: $1, green thermos: $2]

[folding chairs, $2 each]

If you see something you want, ask about it. Sometimes there are things that are visible in someone's garage that aren't necessarily for sale.. until you ask! The camping chairs above were out because the seller was using them. I've been looking for some so I asked if she was selling them. Her response was, "they can be." It never hurts to ask!


  1. On some stuff I totally agree for used camping equipment. I do draw the line though at tents and backpacks as we are ultralight backpackers. New equipment usually means lighter equipment. However, for car camping, it's just about staying dry and having fun!

  2. I love that you bought the chairs right out from under her! Now THAT is a garage sale pro in action.
    Very impressive.

  3. LOL! I am so bad at yard-sailing. I love it, but I'm terrible at talking people down... usually I don't even ask!
    Great tips on camping gear. I guess I should start stocking up for when my kids are old enough!

  4. Wow, amazing deals! You're a rockstar!