Monday, August 22, 2011

birthdays and waffles and date nights and milestones!


1. milestone- pulling himself up, which means we lowered the crib mattress this week 2. Ben turned 2-?. Ya, it's a secret. He wouldn't want you to know 3. brunch on Sunday 4. said brunch 5. being so good in his high chair! 6. found this little guy on our front porch Friday night.. pretty sure we're going to keep him and call him Tex (since he's a Texas kitty. Our California cat's name is Cal. Cal and Tex) 7. spinach and artichoke pizza + strawberry lemonade + chocolate chunk pizookie + Chargers game = best night ever 8. "wanna fight mommy?" 9. date night

How was your week/weekend??


  1. 1.) your baby is pretty much the cutest thing ever!
    2.) he looks so happy with daddy!
    3.) that cat is beautiful!
    4.) we lovvvveeee bj's restraunt! it's about our most favorite place on earth. we were so happy when we found out that there are 2 of them here! when you mentioned on twitter last night having a pizokookie... i figured you had eaten there! :)
    5.) you look stunning in that last pic!


  2. What, another date night in two weeks! Awesome.

  3. So fun!! Love the pics! Watch out! he will be pulling himself up on everything now! Jealous.... I need to show this post to my hubby tell him we need more date nights lol!!!

  4. Cal and Tex...I love it! :0) Tex looks just like our little kitten Vanessa. I love it when unexpected visitors show up on the porch! :0)

    You are soooo beautiful! Isaac is soooooo cute! And you hubs is sooooooo over the hill! haha, just kidding. My husband turned 29 in June. He's dreading the big 3-0!!!

  5. I loveeee the 'wanna fight mommy?" pose. That's such a clever caption!

    I do hope you keep Tex!

  6. I agree with Jamie, I think "Cal & Tex" are pretty much puuuurrrrfect names. See what I did there? Ya, it made me roll my eyes too. :)