Monday, July 11, 2011

what a week

Wow was this just one of those weeks. I mean, it was just rough. Of course it could have been worse and I'm thankful that it wasn't, but I'm also thankful that it's over.

So the house buying decision has been placed on hold. Ben needs to be in his job a little longer before they'll approve the loan, which is fine. Like I said before, I wasn't excited or nervous or anxious because I was just leaving it all up to the Lord.

But the wonderful bank pre-approved us like 2 times, on accident. After we had already worked with a real estate agent, found a house, and made an offer, we called the bank to finalize the loan. To which they replied, "Oops, we never should have pre-approved you, referred you to an agent, sent a pre-approval letter, and charged you that $50." Well thanks.. after the fact.

The next day we started looking at rentals because we are so done with this apartment. I have never been more dissatisfied with our property management. They are so incredibly incompetent and irresponsible.
So, we're done.

But we're trying to see the positive in everything:


Good news- we found an awesome duplex. It has a huge kitchen!.. A car port in the back for both of our cars.. A nice big front and backyard. Air conditioning that actually works! And it's in a quiet neighborhood across from a private Christian school. We only share a wall with one neighbor and Isaac's room isn't right next to the front door. Yay!

Ben's first summer session is over and he passed both classes. Yay again! So this week it's on to session 2. We'll be glad to see summer classes done and over; especially math. They are just way too condensed and accelerated.

At some point, I think I died and went to Blue Bell heaven. Is it okay that I've been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Isaac has been getting more and more interactive with the cat. At first they didn't really pay each other any attention. Little by little Isaac started noticing him and then watching him. Then he started swiping at him. This week he rolled over to the cat and started pestering him.. which he thought was hilarious.

[this is my favorite picture of the week, and maybe of all time]

I discovered Project Runway on Hulu. Hello new addiction.

Isaac started eating real food last weekend! We started him on peas. The first night he wasn't so sure about them. The second night we switched to carrots, which he liked a lot more. And we've been alternating every night. He seems to really enjoy it now. And as a fun treat, tonight he had bananas.. which he loved.

[excited about those peas (and and check out those teeth.. they both came in this week!]
[not so excited about those peas]

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Have a great week!!


  1. Those photos are all amazingly adorable. Peas! Teeth!
    I'm sorry to hear about the bank (poo heads) and the housing situation but props on finding a duplex!

  2. Ok, spill.
    What's your favorite Blue Bell flavor????

  3. Thank you Rachael!

    Molly- I'm so plain it's scary. My favorite right now is just chocolate. But I think I'm ready to step out and try some other flavors. Any suggestions??

  4. Love the food-face pics!! And no way is it a bad thing to eat ice cream all day long. In fact, I think it's a wonderful idea!!! :0)
    Congrats on finding a wonderful new place to live. Hope you love it!