Tuesday, July 26, 2011

week in the life: tuesday


tuesday: 1. blanket tents 2. rice chex and nectarines 3. brush teeth 4. tub time while mommy gets ready 5. what i wore: skirt- Target, shorts: Gap, thrifted, shoes- Payless 6. car nap 7&8. visit to the Doctor for 6 month well-baby 9. thrifting 10. snack time- homemade cookie dough 11. more laundry 12. boy time 13. toe nails painted 14. avocado dinner!


  1. The baby in the laundry?!! I die!
    This was a really well done post. You've got the eye....

  2. Love the laundry basket pic so cute! you do a great job! Is your hubby in the army? you have a picture of a guy in uniform and I figured it was your husband....this is so random but my husband is thinking about going into the marines...so I was going to ask you some questions...from a wives perspective

  3. Your photos are amazing! Love them. Especially your baby pics, awesome!

  4. Do I even need to say I love the shoes? cause I always love your shoes!!!
    Did you save some of that cookie dough for me?? ;0)

  5. I'm in love with these posts! Have you considered doing one of these a week? They're amazing.