Friday, July 29, 2011

week in the life: friday


friday: 1. wake up too early 2. tub time while mommy gets ready 3. what i'm wearing: shirt- Target, leggings- thrifted, flip flops- Target (at least 10 years old) 4. garage sale success 5. snuggle time 6. not too hot today! 7. clip coupons 8. tub time for kitty? 9. tackle this mess 10. sytycd on hulu 11. snuggle time with dad 12. lunch: leftover pasta and apple 13. mail 14. nap time 15. play on the big bed 16. dinner- jambalaya with chicken, tomatoes and okra 17. read 18. admire fish tank

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  1. I look forward to these each day. Your life looks so peaceful yet fast paced. And loving.

  2. Love these collections of pictures, so lovely :) I should try this!

  3. Tub time, with no water? Genius!!!!!!!

  4. PS: You won my giveaway!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

  5. Last comment from me, promise.
    Email Kara on her SiMason FB page with your email and home address and which earrings you like best. :0)

  6. LOVED Sacred Influence. Isn't it amazing?
    little confession: I went into it looking for advice on how to change the hubby (typical) and came away so much more in touch with my own roll as a wife (and how to work on it)!!! Amazing stuff.