Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thrift tip: cheap reads

thrift tip: buy books second hand.

While it's so easy to just jump on Amazon or run to Barnes and Noble to buy the newest release, it definitely pays to wait it out and search those massive bookshelves at the local thrift shop. They suck me in every time.

We buy probably 99% of our books second hand and it saves us SO much money!

Whether I buy them garage sale-ing, thrifting or used online, it's so much cheaper than buying them brand new. And while I may not have a book right when it comes out, we have such a good stash to choose from that I'm never without something to read.

Here are just a few of our fantastic book finds:

[garage sale-d: the secret life of bees, the new dare to discipline by Dobson, Esther by Chuck Swindoll, Total Money Makeover (and the workbook) by Dave Ramsey]

[thrifted: Left Behind for kids, almost the entire series]

[thrifted: my favorite books in the world- Reader's Digest books Complete DIY Manual, Fix It Yourself Manual, and Back to Basics]

What great books have you found second hand??


  1. That is something I've never thought to look at in the Thrift store!

    I've got to try the whole garage sale-ing thing... You are quite the pro, lady.

  2. I found Nick Hornby's How to Be Good on the ground next to my car at a stop light.
    It felt like fate.
    It wasn't that great.

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