Friday, July 15, 2011

he loves that cola box


It's red. Of course he loves it.
Oh the things that children play with!


  1. Teething is NOT fun! Ha ha. He's a super cutie.

  2. And they LOOOOVE to chew! lol. LOVE the pics of your adorable mister.

  3. Oh mannnn - My dad used to get us boxes from his work, at a computer company, and back then computers were so big, we were able to make full on forts out of just one box (we could almost stand in it!).

  4. Oh mah goodness that child is adorrrable. Don't you just love those cute little seats? A lady I babysit for has one and I just plop the baby in there when I need to chase the kids around or make some food for hungry bellies.