Thursday, July 14, 2011

the beach sun

I am a California beach girl, stuck in Texas. There's just no way around it.. I'm addicted to the sand, the sun, the smell. Ahhh, the smell of the beach.

When Gussy sent the prompt for this week and it said "sunshine", I immediately thought of the beach sun.. reflecting on the water.. tanning burning my skin.

These are some of my favorite photos of the beach sun. Enjoy!!

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki, HI
September 2010

hawaii 2010 017
hawaii 2010 075

Doheney State Beach
Dana Point, CA
November 2007


Wisconsin Street Beach
Oceanside, CA
January 2010

bike ride 009
bike ride 007

and just because I love him...
Cal, the cat
Las Vegas, NV
October 2006

others 052

all photos taken by your's truly


  1. These shots are great, but that top one is breathtaking! Nicely done.

    Even though I'm not a beachy gal myself, your pictures made me briefly reconsider my position.

    A Foreign Land

  2. looks like you know all the best beaches. can i come nest time you go to one? Ha.ha.

  3. Oh no! Stuck without the beach! That's my worst fear! My husband and I have actually made a promise to each other that we'd never move anywhere farther than 15 minutes from the beach!
    I was wondering how many other people would write about the beach... :)
    and getting tan ;)
    sending some sunny beach warmth your way!

  4. Beautiful pictures! That sunset picture is just stunning

  5. our dogs lounge in the sunshine exactly like your cat. fun!

  6. Beautiful pics. I love the beach too, and it seems I am going to be stuck by it for the rest of my life... but I am a mountain girl at heart.

  7. Stopping by from Gussy Love your sunshine post!