Tuesday, June 7, 2011

isaac: then and now

I'm totally stealing this idea from emery jo but I'm sure she won't mind ;)
Last month we finally decided to start putting Isaac in his crib to sleep at night (which he did so much better with it than I did)! He actually sleeps like a champ in his own room and has since we started. We decided it was time because he hit 3 months and wasn't a newborn anymore, and he didn't fit in his Moses basket anymore. This mama doesn't want her baby to get any bigger!!

This all got me realizing how fast he's actually growing. He has gotten so big in just a few months! Like it's absolutely incredible to me how fast babies grow. It shouldn't be that surprising considering how much he eats and has since birth.. but still.

I mean just look:

isaac then and now

My husband and I think he definitely looks more like a little boy and less like a baby every single day. I cannot believe how fast time goes with children. Of course everyone told me it happens, but you really don't understand it until you have your own.

And I've never wanted time to freeze more than I do now. But I still haven't figured out how to make that happen! (someone please let me know if you figure it out).

Something else that's just nuts to think about: 4 more months and he'll be crawling, pulling himself up and who knows what else! This kid is growing and learning faster than I expected. But it's absolutely incredible to witness and be a part of. I love being a mom!

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  1. That is soooo cute! I can't believe how much he's grown!