Thursday, June 23, 2011

thrift tip: garage sale

thrift tip: don't just thrift, garage sale. and when you can, garage sale on Friday!

Last week Isaac and I scoped out 4 garage/ yard/ moving sales. Two of them were "come on in and buy anything you can find because we're moving and it all needs to go" sales. Yes! Those are my favorite!


We spent around $25 and came home with a plethora of swag/ booty/ loot:
2- 5 gallon jugs
a bazillion hangers
5 wooden picture frames
green thermos (for camping)
white corningware casserole dish
blue scale
colorful stacker toy (Isaac's new favorite)
s&p shakers (for camping)
green egg container (for camping)
beaded cardigan (LOFT)
2 work shirts for Ben
red tennis shoes
knee pad
2 pairs of shorts for Isaac
thermal shirt
html book
green electric blanket

{are those not the most colorful garage sale finds ever?}

too much? eh, we had fun and it's all practical stuff! Like stuff I've been looking to buy.. to include those 5 gallon water jugs ($1 a piece). Those things are dang expensive to buy with water in them! But I just need them empty so I can fill them at Kroger for $1.25.

Also, I've been looking for one of those knee pad things that people use in the garden- only I need it for giving Isaac a bath. I think I paid like $0.50 for this one and they are $20 at Target! Score!

And I know you're coveting that blue scale, don't lie. $2.

But my favorite thing has to be the bright green thermos!

Find any good deals lately? Please share. I'd love to hear about your swag!


  1. Duuuuuuude.
    That's twice today I've read the word 'swag' and the first time I've heard it in months. Crazy.
    Speaking of crazy, those are some excellent finds! I can't believe how shiny and new everything looks!
    As my dad would say, "You made out like a bandit!"

  2. Here's the other swag:

  3. Awesome!! I love yard sales!

  4. Oh my goodness. I really am jealous of the blue scale! Great for cooking/baking!

  5. I am absolutely coveting the scale and the thermos. So lucky!!

  6. You know I'm loving that blue scale...

  7. this makes me want to go garage sale shopping! i especially like the thermos :D

  8. i love those wooden frames! I keep meaning to go to garage sales, but then I look around my house and think "I need to have a garage sale"! you got some great finds!

  9. I absolutely love garage, yard, estate sales. I just wish my weekends were free so that I could visit them. For the past two weeks, my mother and I have hosted them and they've been a fun experience.