Thursday, May 5, 2011

church home

Well I can cross one thing off my list to do this year:

We've decided to make The Village our church home.

Here's the story...

I follow Denny Burk's blog and one day about 2 years ago he posted a sermon from this guy Matt Chandler. I'd never heard of him but I thought it was worth my time. I was blown away!! I decided to podcast this preacher and check out some more of his sermons. Again, I was blown away!! (if you haven't yet, please check him out on itunes, or at least watch this).

It was so refreshing to hear the Word preached so raw as he preaches it. I would listen to his sermons at night on my ipod and one night my husband's curiousity got to him: "can I listen too??". From then on we would listen together, one earbud in my ear and the other in his. And my husband is picky about pastors. Like really picky.

Fastfoward a little bit and we find out we're moving to Texas, to D/FW. Um, like where The Village is?? YES! The only issue is that it's about a 35 minute drive for us because it's all the way up in Flower Mound (I think the cool kids call it Flo Mo). So at first we weren't going to make it our home, but just somewhere to visit periodically.

Well anyone who has had to church shop knows that it's such a hassle.. and especially with a 3 month old! SO last week we went up to The Village for Easter and on the way home my husband says, "Want to just make this our church? It's only a drive once a week and we can join a small group closer to home." I agreed then and there.

{Our family Easter photo}

So there you have it. Decision made. Now I can't wait to get plugged into a small group.

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  1. YAYAYAYAYYYYYY! This is such great news. I'm really, really excited for you guys. What relief you must feel. Church shopping is a drag and you've found (what I've heard to be) an amazing place to call home.

    A Foreign Land