Thursday, April 21, 2011

because tomorrow is earth day

My husband and I are not "greenies". We don't believe in global warming (yes, we are those people.. don't hate me).

But, we do believe in being resourceful. We do agree that it's a waste to be wasteful. We do believe in saving money on our electric bill and in other ways. We do believe that God created this earth and have called us to be stewards of all that He's made.

And for those reasons, we do reduce, reuse and recycle.

And let me just say, I really don't like the idea of glorifying the earth. We need to glorify the One who made it! "For by Him [Jesus] all things were created: things in heaven and on earth.. all things were created by Him and for Him. ~Col 1: 16. Romans 1:24,25 reminds us that it is a lie to worship the created.. we need to worship the Creator.

So, because tomorrow is earth day I thought I'd share some things around our house that are recycled or reused.

Isaac's bouncy chair was a $2 purchase from a garage sale. I LOVE this thing and so does he. It's probably one of the best purchases I've made for him and we have certainly gotten our money's worth out of it (and more!)

We found this dresser/shelf thing on Craigslist along with Isaac's dresser. It was ugly, like U-G-L-Y blue and white. Ben stripped it (and uncovered layer after layer of old paint), sanded it and stained it. He also put new knobs on it and it has to be my favorite piece of furniture. We use it as a buffet table.

Most of our books are thrift shop finds. I figure it makes more sense to buy old used books rather than buy brand new ones. We both also have Kindles and read several books that way.

ALOT of Isaac's clothes (and mine) are hand-me-downs or thrifted. I love buying his clothes used because they are so stinkin' cheap! Most thrift shops have sales (like 50% off blue tags) and since their kids clothes are already so inexpensive it's like stealing because they end up being so cheap!

We also cloth diaper part time.. mostly while we're at home. But even just that saves money and waste. And some of our diapers are recycled t-shirts.

We bought our washer and dryer used. I also try and do as much laundry in cold water as possible to save on energy costs.

And just because I'm a huge Jack Johnson fan, here's a song for you to enjoy:

How does your family do to reduce, reuse and recycle?

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