Friday, April 15, 2011

friday wrap-up: texas edition

We've been in Texas now for almost a month. That means I've had at least a little time (in between unpacking, decorating, cleaning, cooking and taking care of a newborn) to explore this area.

Over the past month...

*I found this awesome thrift store
*we visited Gateway Church and The Village Church
*I've been looking for a cute and affordable pair of these
*we've been trying to figure out how to pronounce this restaurant's name (it looks like "any hoe" to us)
*Isaac has been rolling over:

*I've been reading this book and it's awesome
*I found this photo album for $3 at Goodwill! (I have a baby blue one for Isaac)
*We still want to visit the Stockyards, the zoo, this art museum, this antique store (and lots of others)
*I found out about this birth center just around the corner from our apartment.. we are hoping to use it for our next birth

I hope you had a great week!!

Take some time to enjoy where you live this weekend. We'll be doing some more exploring around these parts.


  1. It's uh-nay-ho ;] the tilde over the n is totally extraneous...drives me CRAZY!
    I don't think I'm quite up for all of the people yet, but every year there is a HUGE art festival in downtown ft worth. It's free, but I'd bring some cash for food and stuff. you should check it out this weekend!
    Also, you should go check out Norwich Park ;] It's a block from my house and I plan on starting to take the girls soon!

  2. Thanks Mae! We will definitely have to check out that park.

  3. You'll definitely need some cowboy boots if you're living in Texas! ;)