Thursday, March 31, 2011

introducing a new series...

This week I'm beginning a new series called "baby's first". Creative, I know. I thought it would be fun to share some of Isaac's more unusual firsts. We always document their first "coos", their first tooth, their first haircut, etc. But there are so many other firsts that I think are so much fun!! Since the past week of our lives has been a trek halfway across the country, I decided for the first installment of "baby's first" to share Isaac's first road trip: {ready for a road trip!}

We left San Diego on Friday, March 11 in the afternoon. Our first stop was Las Vegas to visit with family for the weekend. Both of our families live there so it just made sense to stop and say goodbye before we headed out to Texas. What is usually a 4 1/2 hour drive took over 7 (thanks to a 6 week old and a cat). There was, of course, plenty of traffic because it was a Friday afternoon. But we also had to stop a few times to feed the little one.

After a wonderful weekend of seeing Isaac meet alot of his family for the first time (to include his great grandmother and grandfather), we headed out on Tuesday, March 15. Our trip took us into Arizona where we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then on to beautiful Flagstaff, and finally into New Mexico where we stopped in Albuquerque for the night. I did not think we would make it that far in one day considering it's usually a 9 hour drive. I think it took us about 13.

{travel buddies}

{baby at Cracker Barrel}

The drive through New Mexico was very boring. We stopped at a little Mexican/American restaurant on Route 66 for lunch. The owner was a sweet older lady who gave me a coupon book for hotels in Albequerque.

The next morning we headed out determined to make it to our final destination: Arlington, TX. We had one cranky little boy in the backseat so I spent a lot of the drive sitting next to him trying to keep his mind off of that uncomfortable car seat. He was SO tired of being in the car! (and so was I). But we figured the sooner we got there, the less torture he had to endure. We finally arrived in Arlington around 9pm that night and settled into our ghetto hotel room.
{a quick road side diaper change}

{Welcome to Texas! Our new home.}


  1. Aw I love reading your blog Jessi. Thanks for sharing. Pictures of Isaac are so cute. Esp with Cal the cat haha.

  2. Way to start him off early! I love that the little man is already a road-trippin' champ.

    And major kuddos to you for bringing the cat with you. You guys are road trip pros.