Monday, February 14, 2011

weekend in photos

This weekend was absolutely beautiful in San Diego.

Saturday was a chore day; I cleaned the kitchen and living room while my husband worked on getting all of his gear ready to turn into work (since he's getting out of the Marines soon). We also did some things to prepare for our move and took some naps. Isaac also had his first official bath! And then we headed to church and he did so well (because he slept the whole time :)

Sunday was a lazy day. We took a walk down to the beach, layed around and watched The Last of the Mohicans, grilled some chicken and roasted veggies for dinner and then watched the Grammy's.

I really enjoy weekends like these, but I'm also reminded that soon they will be few and far between. With my husband starting school soon and going back to work in the civilian world, I know he'll be very busy. And I'll continue to be very busy with the baby.


  1. He is so sweet. I love that first photo.

  2. When Isaac grows up and sees where you moved him from he will be very upset. I know I would be.

  3. Sounds like you're living the dream, girly. Sooooo happy you are cherishing every minute. Good for you and YAY God!

    {my word verification is "poolot." That's kind of appropriate for a post including a new baby, right?}