Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dear isaac

today you are 2 weeks old. i cannot believe how quickly the time is going by. i don't want you to get any bigger.. you're just so cute and cuddly the size you are! but i know as the weeks go on, you'll become more alert and i can't wait to watch you discover the world around you. you already have your eyes open so much each day. you particularly like lights. i catch you staring into them all the time.

today i'm exhausted because we only got 3 hours of sleep last night. but it's all okay because i love you so much. now you're catching up on your sleep and i'm getting things done around the apartment.

today my favorite thing about you is the noises you make. your little "coo's" melt my heart. and not to mention, the grunts of a little boy. you definitely keep us entertained!

today we embark on week 3 of your little life. i know it will be incredible because you are incredible.