Friday, December 3, 2010

friday wrap up

This week has been a good week. Isn't it always great when your husband gets off work at like 10am every day?? The only down side: we tend to go out to lunch everyday, which is not so good for the budget (but very yummy for my tummy :)

this week i:

*am 32 weeks pregnant

*finally found a dresser for the baby's room! now we just to need to sand and paint it

*rented this movie and i almost feel dumber after watching it

*started reading this book and i'm really enjoying it. my husband read the men's version on deployment and loved it

*found great deals on these boots and these baby shoes on cyber monday

*think i found the crib i want

*danced my heart out in the car to this crazy song with my husband

*baked this coffee cake recipe (i'm a sucker for it)

*fell in love with this necklace and this ring

We also decorated for Christmas. We got our tree on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and pulled out all the fun decorations. My favorite time of year is fall, but my husband's favorite is Christmas time. I have never met a man more particular about his Christmas tree!

Anyways, we put on the Christmas tunes, set up the tree, hung ornaments and swept up pine needles (my least favorite part of the process but a necessary evil none the less). Here are some pictures of our apartment:

I hope you had a good week.. Have an even better weekend!!


  1. I love your pictures of your apartment! I wish I was half as creative as you! so happy for you and your hubs, hope your christmas is amazing :)

  2. My hubby has a Marine Nutcracker too. {It actually stays out all year long}

    Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful!!!