Friday, November 19, 2010

friday wrap up

This week was amazing. As many of you know, my husband came home.

On the same day, I attended my beautiful baby shower! It was so lovely and I have to most amazing friends. Thank you all for coming and "showering" me with gifts and love. Here are some fun pictures from the day:

Other than that, I've just been soaking in every minute with my husband. It's so wonderful to be together as a family and for him to finally experience this pregnancy with me. And not to mention, him being home is an excuse for us to eat out at our favorite restaurants every night :)

Some other things I did this week:

*searched for a dresser to refurbish into this. no luck yet but we're still looking

*added this granny-chic pillow and taggie baby blanket to my list of projects

*watched the pacific almost everyday with my husband (part of being a marine wife :)

*loved this advice for married couples.. a six-second kiss everyday. how simple!

*really liked this 40's style pin-up shoot at an aviation museum here in San Diego

*had a major craving for homemade blueberry muffins

And here's another fun pregnancy shot for you:

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I probably have some lace doilies for your pillow, and walmart has some very delicious blueberry muffins!

  2. Those pin up shots are great! Classy yet totally fun.

  3. We just put The Pacific in our Netflix queue. Once the hubby gets back from his trip it's next to be delivered!! I'm pretty excited.
    Did you like it??