Tuesday, November 2, 2010

baby mini book

I started this mini book early on in my pregnancy. The idea was to collect and record all kinds of thoughts, pictures, and scraps of what happened as we prepared for our little baby. (I originally got the idea from elise joy).

This method is so fun! It combines journaling, art journaling, and scrapbooking. I really like it because its not as streamline as scrapbooking. It doesn't have to look perfect; in fact the more random, the better!

You can use all sorts of found papers and scraps lying around. I love using magazine clippings, ribbon, greeting cards, envelopes, pages from old books and newspaper articles and tissue paper. (For each page shown in my flickr set, all the materials I used are listed in the caption).

As you can see, many of the pages are still blank because I haven't journaled on them yet.. but I will! One method I like is to paste a picture on the page, write a favorite quote or pick an important date. Then journal about it!

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pages:
This page is made from a magazine ad, an ultrasound picture and a piece of ribbon. I pasted Isaac's tiny little baby feet onto the magazine page and then added a title and caption.
This page is simply a greeting card. I thought it was so cute! I will add some writing to it eventually, but it just seemed so perfect for a baby book.
I love this page. I simply pasted a blue envelope onto a piece of scrapbook paper and added some embelishments. The pink hearts are painted on. What I like about this page is that the envelope hangs over the edge, so when the entire book is closed, you can see it. I periodically write notes and letters to Isaac and keep them in this envelope.
This one is the back of a greeting card. It originally had only the lobster so I added a couple of other stickers to go with the underwater theme. I will either add a picture or paste some lined paper on it to journal.
Be sure to click the link above to see more of the book. And of course, I'm still adding more to it as I go along. Don't worry, I'll post the finish product when it's completed!


  1. That is such a cute idea! I can't wait until I'm pregnant so I can make one! LOL! I love the pages with baby feet on them. :)

  2. So cool! This will be something you guys treasure for-ever. I love the idea of writing him notes throughout your pregnancy.

  3. I saw this and thought of you and Isaac. So cute!