Monday, October 11, 2010

the story of us: part 4

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part 4: San Diego!!

In January of 2005, we moved to our new home in San Diego, CA. For the first 6 months we lived on base at Camp Pendleton (which we'll never do again). Here's a couple pictures of our cute little abode:

Why 6 months you might be asking? Well, because after just 6 months, my husband left for his 3rd deployment. Lucky me! Instead of staying on base and in a town I barely knew, I decided to pack my things, get a storage unit and take the rest up to good 'ole Roseville to live with a friend and go to school. I was there for the duration of his deployment (this one on a boat, but also a few nail-biting months in Iraq). I managed to attend school for free and earned my Associates Degree while up north!

He came home in February:
We settled into a cute little one bedroom apartment in Oceanside:

I got a job at Vons (since I already knew the ropes). We went to Hawaii with the deployment money I had saved while he was gone. It was our honeymoon, 2 years late. It was so nice to get away on a vacation together, really for the first time.

We got a kitty and named him Cal since he was a California kitty. And we enjoyed being married, together in the same place.
In June of 2006, it was time for Ben to get out of the Marine Corps. We had endured 4 long years and were ready for something new (well not that new, because we moved back to Las Vegas). But we soon discovered, life outside the Marine Corps "ain't all it's cracked up to be."

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