Friday, October 8, 2010

friday wrap-up

What a week. I definitely stayed busy running errands, spending time with friends, reading, going to meetings and sitting down to watch some good 'ole TV.

this week I...

had some pictures taken of my baby bump

was edified by some good words from Pastor Matt Chandler.. you can find more of his sermons here (and I highly recommend all of them!)

discovered what baked evil looks like

found these paper lanterns to be absolutely adorable

got my new kicks in the mail:
took advantage of some good deals while thrifting

checked out this book at the library so I can join in the book club fun this month

was excited to hear that close to 500 cupcakes were handed out to UNLV students at this event yesterday

was horrified (her words) by her minimalist wardrobe (I could NEVER have only 6 outfits)

and then to top off the week, this morning I was sitting at the computer when I heard banging on the inside of my kitchen window. I look over to see a [small] bird inside trying to get out. Of course, my cat runs over, jumps on the counter, pins the bird down in the corner, picks it up in his mouth and jumps down. I opened the back door and yelled at him to take it outside... which he did not do! So now there's this poor little helpless injured bird sitting on my floor while my cat bats at it. I thought he was dying to I tried to scoop him up in the dust pan. But, he procedes to run from me and the cat. After I finally got him near the front door, I pushed him out with the broom. How weird, right? How in the world did a bird get into my kitchen???

So anyways.... that was my week. I hope you had a good one and I hope your weekend is even better!


  1. Love the pictures you had taken-super cute!

    I seriously love matt chandler. he's a genius!

    have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks! One of the high school girls (now college) who was in a small group that I led is learning photography so she asked if she could practice on me. I said, "sure!"

  3. That bird story is crazy!!!
    I'm really happy you're joining in the book club fun.

  4. Uh, yah. Just watched the minimalist wardrobe video... horrified indeed.