Sunday, October 17, 2010

for $10 i got...

I have a very serious addiction. I think I actually might need professional help. At least it's a semi-inexpensive addiction right??

This week, for $10 I got:

chair (a project for my husband)- $3
maternity top (liz lange)- $1
2 candle holders- .75cents each
3 books- .25cents each
earrings- $3.89 (I decided to splurge on these)

books:Evidence that Demans a Verdict by Josh McDowell
What to Expect When You're Expecting ... newest edition
Some C.S. Lewis sci-fi book for my husband

Have you picked up any good thrift shop deals lately??


  1. The candle holders and chair are awesome! good finds!

  2. No good deals here, we don't have any good thrift shops. I go all the way to Oceanside to get the deals. I'm on my way!!!