Monday, August 23, 2010

the story of us: part 3

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I'm back with the third installment of "the story of us":

Part 3: Newly Weds!

Our marriage started out as very few marriages do. The morning after the wedding we were headed to catch a 5am flight, but not to an exotic honeymoon location (that wouldn't happen for 2 more years!). Instead we were headed to Norfolk, VA. The place my new husband had been stationed for the past 2 years. He had to check back into work in about 24 hours.

{at the airport waiting for our flight}

We stayed at the Comfort Inn for a week together. He went to work early in the morning and came home late at night. Meanwhile I just watched TV and waited patiently for my new husband to come home each day. We had a date night each night, did some sight seeing and just enjoyed each other.

But, at the end of that short week together as newly weds, it was time for me to fly back to Las Vegas and for him to begin a week of preparation for his 2nd deployment; this one would be 6 months in Bahrain. Yes, my husband left for 6 months only 2 weeks into our marriage.

So our first year as newly weds started with a 6 month separation where I continued to live with my parents, go to school and work (a lot). I stayed busy (that's the key to getting through any deployment).

Fortunately, this deployment was a piece of cake: Ben was living in very nice quarters with 2 men to a room and their very own phone. He could call as often as he liked and connected through the local Air Force Base for free (thank you Nellis!). I'd have to say that the time passed fairly quickly.

When he got home to Virginia, I met him there. We lived in Virginia Beach for about a month until it was time for him to separate from FAST Co. and head out to Camp Pendleton on new orders. During that month, we lived in a week to week hotel/apartment (and boy was is ghetto!). I spent my days working on an online class, reading and going to the mall. We ate out a lot! And we attended our 2nd Marine Corps Ball together and spent our first Thanksgiving together.

{at the airport, headed to Virginia!}

{at the ball}

At the end of that short month, we headed out to Florida to visit Ben's dad and then to Vegas for Christmas leave.

{Christmas in Las Vegas}

Then, it would be time to pack all that we had (which was very little) and head out to sunny San Diego!! There, we would truly begin our life together...

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