Wednesday, August 25, 2010

photo challenge: day 2

Day 2: A beach picture that you have taken

I had to choose a couple for this one. The first isn't exactly of the beach, but more of the ocean and some rocks. I took this on a bike ride down at the beach one day. This is Oceanside, CA (my lovely home). I just love this picture because the sky looks like a painting and the water is so blue:

This picture is from our annual Thanksgiving camping trip to Doheney State Beach (Dana Point, CA). We have beach camped for Thanksgiving since I was 7. It's my favorite family tradition (I think the only one we really have). I am really looking forward to this year because last year my husband and I went to Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with his family. But never again will I pass up the opportunity to eat turkey and give thanks here:

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