Friday, August 20, 2010

go Padres!

So I'm not a huge baseball fan. I usually watch the World Series and sometimes I'll stop on channel 4 to check the score of a Padres game. But other than that, ehhh, it's not too exciting.

But, last week, a friend and I decided to take the Coaster to downtown SD to Petco Park and watch the Pad's play the Pittsburg Pirates.

Here are 4 things we learned on our trip to see the Padres:

1. You can drink on the Coaster (but only until 9pm). So first of all, it was INSANE on the Coaster heading down to San Diego. Apparently the YMCA youth counselors were celebrating the end of summer or something and I guess they picked our train car to ride in. And there was ALOT of underage drinking. They denied it, but it was pretty obvious that a lot of them were NOT 21. We complained to the train security on the ride home from the game and he said he would bring it up with his supervisor or something... suuurree.

2. There is a special Military Window to purchase tickets! We walked up to the ticket window line and it was LONG. And then we noticed that to the side there was a military ticket window. So we went up to it and it was for us! We got to cut ALL those people waiting and on top of that we got a nice $6 discount on any seat of our choice. It was sweet; I felt like VIP :)

3. Adrian Gonzales is really good. He pretty much carried the team. And they won! Yay!

4. There is only one ice cream dispenser at Petco Park. And it's ALL the way on the other side of the field from 1st base (which is where we were sitting). But it was probably good that we had to walk all the way there and back to burn off some of the calories.. they give you a ton of ice cream, and it was really good. I think Mattie even licked the bowl :)

We had a really good time. I hope to go back again this season. Here are some pictures from the game and our trip:


  1. Looks like a fun evening! We have a goal to see a game in all the major league parks, I'll have to remember about the ice cream stand location when we finally get tickets at Petco Park... ;)

  2. I like going to games and sitting way up in the nose-bleed section, lol!

    Nice blog, I found you through The Lovely Blogger List :)

  3. Molly that is such a fun goal! Good luck!