Friday, August 20, 2010

friday wrap up

My week was fairly full. My mom left on Monday night. She had been out the whole weekend for a bridal shower (which was so much fun). We played some very original shower games and all of us kept telling the hostess that she should copyright them!

I had the wonderful privilege of speaking to a group of high school girls on Tuesday night about the topic of college and career. The gist tho was more about being obedient to the Lord than seeking success in school and work. In our culture, we focus so much on what school we go to, what grades we get and what career field we choose. But what really matters in the midst of all of that is Jesus. NONE of those things is better than Jesus.

Today I'll be heading over to Clay 'n Latte with a friend to paint... what, I have no clue yet. But it will be awesome I'm sure! I'll share pictures when it's finished.

Tomorrow I am super excited because my friend and I have tickets to see the Chargers play the Cowboys.. I know it's only preseason but this will be the only time I can actually afford a ticket to an NFL game. I am ready to sport my Charger pride and cheer them to another victory (they won last week against "Da Bears").

Go Bolts!!

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Have a great weekend!!

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