Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hello my name is

Hi! My name is Jessi. I am the wife of a Marine, a homemaker, crafter and blogger. My husband and I live in Sunny Sandy Eggo, CA with our big orange fur-ball of a cat, Cal. We have been married for 6 years and are loving every minute of it!!

I mostly create scrapbook pages and designs. I am also learning to crochet and have enjoyed making hair accessories. And of course, I love to sew and have been addicted to thrifting since I was in jr. high. I also learned floral design as a teenager and enjoy designing flowers for friends' and familys' weddings. And last, but not least, I love to cook. Creating in the kitchen is so enjoyable!
Here is some of my work:

{my beautiful sister-in-law and her mother at her wedding.. this was the first cascade bo-k I ever created}

{a page from my wedding scrapbook}

{handmade headband. the flower is created from ribbon and a button and the tied portion is crocheted}

I started this blog with the hopes of inspiring others to learn and create on their own. I feature DIY projects as well as fashion ideas. I also like to write about the going-ons of my life and practical advice from lessons I've learned.. especially as a military wife. And I love to answer questions, about anything. It would also be my honor to pray for you if you have any prayer requests. They will always remain confidential and you don't even have to tell me who you are. So, feel free to email me anytime!

I am inspired by the creativity of others. Other things that inspire me are creative store fronts, magazine spreads, thrift stores and my mom! She was a home-ec major in college and can do almost anything crafty.

You can contact me via:
email ihaveapinkbag[at]yahoo[dot]com
or formspring me

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my favorite people

Probably each month or so I usually deem someone or something "my favorite". Right now I have a few favorites:

Pastor Albert Mohler. You can check out his blog or follow him on twitter. He is so incredibly wise and I always enjoy his commentary.

Congressman Paul Ryan. If you take a few minutes to watch this, you'll know why. The man is so straight forward. He tells it like it is and stands up for the people:

Singer Siobhan Magnus from American Idol (And I totally can't pronounce her name). Man, can she belt out some notes that I've only heard from women like Aretha Franklin!

Historian David Barton, president and founder of Wallbuilders.

News Anchor Bret Baier on FoxNews. Check out his website here. Did you see his recent interview with the president? I couldn't believe how well he did. It made me a little uncomfortable in some parts because it was a little confrontational. The whole thing reminded me of that movie Frost/Nixon. (Great film by the way; you should check it out.)

I will probably have some more next month and I'll share them with you then.

In the mean time, I hope you're having a wonderful start to Spring. I know I'm really enjoying the sound of all the birdies and the blooming flowers!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st. patrick's day

Happy St. Patty's day! I'm spending the morning listening to Flogging Molly:

And wishing I could take a trip to Ireland. I love these guys!!

I'm also dreaming about corned beef and cabbage, but I won't be getting any this year. Growing up, my mom always made it with potatoes and carrots and green beer (well, for my parents) and green, whatever my brother and I were drinking. I miss it! And here is a recipe for it if you're interested.

And here is the story of the real St. Patrick (who apparently wasn't actually a Saint).
"I am a servant of Christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in Jesus Christ our Lord." – Patrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear green!

Monday, March 15, 2010

learning something new

I have finally given into my husband's many propsals to learn Arabic. He has been to the Middle East 4 times and is very familiar with the culture and knows enough Arabic to get by. Recently he downloaded Rosetta Stone to become more fluent. He figures (and I agree) that if we learn it, we can talk to each other and no one would know what we're saying! How fun!

I have started using this website. It has the basics. I hope to graduate to something more advanced soon!

I would also love to one day live in the Middle East (I'm thinking a more liberal country like Bahrain) or visit for the purpose of missions. I don't know how well that would work out considering how hostile they can be toward Christians, but I can still hope and prepare.

And since we're on the topic, I thought I would share some fun photos from several of my husband's trips:

These are all from Egypt. I have no idea what the signs say.

This is real Saudi Arabian money:
A sign from Iraq. Again, I am unable to translate:
An Iraqi building:

Is there anything new you want to learn this year? Anything you need to prepare for? Any fun trips you are planning?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

some of my favorite things

These are some of my favorite things right now. I figured it would be an opportunity to show off some of my lastest projects and some old favorites lying around. Enjoy!

My sewing machine. It was a birthday gift from my husband a few years ago. I love it:

Badminton racquets and shuttlecocks purchased from Dollar Tree. I'm ready for summer:

My new tote back from This is my favorite slogan on their site:

2 adorable aprons. Looking cute in the kitchen is a must:

A brooch that I received at the last Military Wives Breakfast at my church. It's handmade:

Fabric-covered journals:

A cute, simple outfit from the latest VS catalogue:

What are some of your favorite things right now? Especially since Spring and Summer are right around the corner!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

my favorite quilt

My mom made this fantastic quilt for me for my high school graduation. So, as you can imagine I was excited to finally receive it in 2008 (I graduated in '03 :). Basically, she took a bunch of old shirts from my childhood and pieced them together. Each shirt has meaning but I thought I would share with you my favorites!

Here is the entire quilt. It's queen size so it fits on my bed and keeps me nice a warm:
Just a silly one to share. I loved Nirvana growing up (which I can't really figure out now), so like any punk rock kid would, I had my favorite Kurt Cobain t-shirt:
This one probably has the most meaning. DCLA is a Christian conference that we used to attend every 3 years. This one, in 1997, was when I became a Christian. It obviously changed my life and is why I am who I am today:
Ok, this one isn't a t-shirt. It's material from my absolutely FAVORITE skirt of all time. I probably wore it 3 times a week (which is a little embarassing now looking back). It was ankle length and super flowy. I love, love, loved it:
In 5th grade, I played Softball for one year. I was terrible!! But, I loved the jersey so I wore it out in the years following:
And last, but certainly not least is my absolute favorite shirt. And if you know anything about me, you know why. My heart is so burdened for the unborn and so I am very involved in pro-life ministry. I guess you could say this was the beginning of it all. As you can imagine, I got some weird looks and comments when I was in 10th grade wearing this to school:
I guess my mom is eventually going to make one just like this for my brother's graduation (which was only in '05 :). It's a really fantastic idea. So, anyone with kids, be saving their t-shirts. They really could come in handy some day!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

thoughts... on marriage

It's no secret that I got married young.. 18 to be exact. Well, the day before my 19th birthday. And my husband was only 20.

We were, according to the world, young, dumb and inexperienced. What did we know about the real world? (Except that my husband had already been to war in Iraq) Nothing at all! But we did know something: each of us was the person the other one wanted to spend their lifetime together. I think that's pretty simple.

I was not your typical teenage girl in love. I mean, of course I was head over heals for this man, but I wasn't blind about it. I was very realistic. And realism told me that if we were going to be together, we needed to get married.

The story went something like this:

We met in high school (I know, aww how cute, high school sweethearts). We dated for a very short time before he left for bootcamp. After bootcamp, he was shipped to Virginia. Now, I was in Las Vegas, finishing high school and starting college. Needless to say, we were pretty far apart.

We dated 2 years long distance (4 months of that while he was in Iraq). And believe me, it works! You just have to be dedicated and realistic. Because of this, we came to one simple realization (reality, remember?): If we were going to be together, we needed to get married. There's no use in being a couple if you never get to see one another and I certainly wasn't going to move across the country to be with a man who wasn't my husband. So, it was settled. We would get married, soon.

So, on April 24, 2004, only about a month after his return from Iraq and 2 weeks before he left for Saudi Arabia, we put on our fancy wedding garb and said "I do". And believe me, it was the best decision I ever made! And if I had known better, I would have gotten married sooner. Next month we celebrate 6 years together and we couldn't be happier.
So now that you know the story, here are my thoughts. I don't know if they're worth anything, but I do know that our marriage works, and it works well.
  • There is nothing wrong with getting married young. I would say the younger, the sooner, the better. And for this reason: when you wait and delay marriage, you delay the time that you and your spouse will spend growing together. In the time before your marriage, you grow on your own, in your own direction and become fairly independent. Once you get married, you are no longer your own. You become one with your spouse. The more time you spent on your own, the harder it will be to adapt to living a life with another person.

  • Remove divorce from your vocabulary and communicate! These go hand in hand. First of all, you need to talk, talk, talk, about everything. According to the Bible, when we marry, we become "one flesh". You don't hide things from yourself do you? You wouldn't be able to function properly if you did. It's the same with your spouse. And, if divorce isn't an option, you will feel more comfortable talking and arguing about the uncomfortable things. This way, issues don't pile up because no one is talking about them. In the end, they will explode and chances are divorce will be come up.

  • Lastly and the simpliest of them all: your marriage must be Christ-centered. If you are guided by the Word of God, decisions will be much easier (not to say that marriage is easy, because it can be tough!) This one makes the "I have to find my prince charming or soul mate" much easier: they don't exist. You know how I know my husband is "the one"? Because he and I said "I do" and promised to be married until death parts us. I plan to honor that contract and be the most Godly wife that I can (with the help of Christ of course!)

What are your thoughts? What things have worked well in your marriage?