Sunday, February 28, 2010

early birthday wishes

My birthday isn't until April, but I figure it will be here soon enough. In the mean time, I wanted to share with you what I have on my list: This super sweet ipod docking station for my bedside...

a very cute papasan chair!
this way cute handmade headband

and last but not least, adidas by Stella McCartney.

recovery and LOVE

I'm currently recovering from having all 4 of my wisdom extracted on Friday. I don't know why I volunteerily paid a large sum of money to be in pain and misery, but here I am! I'm told in the end it's better. Oh well, we'll see. And actually, it's not so bad. It doesn't hurt; I just look like a swollen mess.. a lopsided chipmunk maybe? Only my right cheek is swollen.

So, since I'm not focused enough to write anything meaningful, I thought I'd share some photos from my recent trip to Las Vegas. My mom and I actually went down to the strip and saw LOVE at the Mirage. It has been forever since we've been down there and wow does it look different! For fun, we decided to act like tourists and take lots of pictures:

Totally blurry.. me on the neat rainbow walkway in front of the LOVE Theater.

The ceiling out side the theater. So cool!

Paris, Las Vegas, NV

The new City Center

M&M and Coke factories

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i recommend...

Just thought I would let you know about some great blogs I follow.

The first is having a free photo shoot give-away that you'll want to be sure to enter! And please check out the rest of her site as well (her baby is absolutely adorable). You can visit Three Birds here.

If you're feeling crafty, be sure to check out this blog and this blog. Both have fantastic DIY (do it yourself) ideas. Very cute stuff!

So I love this blog.. but I think I love her hair even more!

And lastly, this is my favorite Christian blog. All kinds of fantastic stuff all the time!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little bit of shopping

Every 2 weeks, my husband and I each get $100 for an "allowance." This is how we stay on budget! So this past week, I took my allowance and spent it on this:

I love this sweatshirt! $3.79 (a bit pricey for a thrift shop, but too cute). It doesn't have a hood, but it has two pockets and the neck is wide enough to slouch on one shoulder.
These were $3.00.. And I suggest that when you buy shoes from a thrift shop that you scrub them clean with soap and water and then Lysol!

I had to paint my toes to match!!

This is not a thrift shop buy, but it's very vintage right? Walmart $5.00

Earrings from a thrift shop (again, sanitize! I use alcohol on a cotton ball)

$0.50 fabric scraps!!
These bundles of hangers were $1.00 each, but the entire store was 1/2 off! All these for just $1.00.. We can never have enough hangers

Saturday, February 13, 2010

more consistant posts...

So I realize that no one is going to read a blog whose blogger never posts.

That is why I am going to post more often! It should be a little more exciting. Of course, there will always be pictures (except for this one, so I do appologize). I have some projects I will be working on, some awesome recent purchases to tell you about and just some general news about life's ups and downs.

So, check back next week.. probably Monday, for the beginning of something wonderfully fantastic.. a blog that stays up-to-date. Yay!